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This is the beginning of a web site dedicated to the works of, and possibly discussion of, Henry Wilkes Wright (16 August, 1878 -- 04 August, 1959). Wright was a professor of philosophy who authored only three books (and had one collection of his lectures published) during his lifetime. I consider him to be one of the Einsteins among 20th century philosophers due primarily to his outstanding essay, Self-Realization: An Outline of Ethics, published in 1913.

Thanks to the kindness of several volunteers (they are all acknowledged on this page, front and center), I am publishing everything of Henry Wright's that I can find. I will seek permission from those academic journals in which Wright occasionally published.

In just a few years I should have all of Henry Wright's work available for the first time in decades; everything is out-of-print. Whatever I cannot put up here should be available in some University libraries; I hope people check these out.

What I have found to be a turn-on about Wright is not merely the breadth of his work, but the height and reach of his thinking and his ethic. It warms me to know that this fellow lived to share his insights with the world.

Gary Kline
March, 2006,

Here are some of the people without whose help, this site would not exist. My first ACK's belong to the folks who by-hand scanned Wright's material: Ferenc Kovac, Steve Quinn and Al Hollis (at Canon Canada), and John Glover.

Thanks are also due to Karen Hardiman, the InterLibrary Loan Department, and many others at the King County Library System, Washington State. Thanks also to archivist Arthur S. Miller of the Lake Forest College library for cluing me into something of Professor Wight's history. Information provided by Petrina Jackson, archivist at the Cornell University library lent insight into Wright's very early and very late years.   Finally, thanks duly noted to R.R.Rockingham Gill (of University of Wales, Lampeter) who pointed me at H.W. Wright's work in late 2005 and to David Cockburn, Chairman, Department of Philosophy, at Lampeter for his support and enthusiasm.


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